Author Interview

Here is a link to an interesting interview you might be entertained by: I was asked several open-ended questions and pontificated away on the subject of how to become a great writer.

Readers’ Favorite review:

…He is a no-nonsense humorist with a distinct persona tinged with cynicism, neurosis, and idiosyncrasy. This book is a brilliant flight of imagination. The title itself…is an intended pun that throws a caveat to readers of what they can expect…Mr....

Kirkus review:

Indelible imagery…but Viles has a knack for comedy as well…the book’s comedy piece-de-resistance is a series of four fake-news Christmas letters that appear sporadically. Ribbing the news-laden familial updates some people tuck into Christmas cards,...

Clarion/Foreword review:

Veers from hyperbole to heartbreak with a focus on memory and broken and at-risk relationships. Keen and attentive…the book experiments with storytelling approaches…satisfying.

Reviewers love “PecuLIAR”

One of the slow-downs was sending the digital manuscript out for reviews, so any excellent blurbs could appear on the back cover. That turned out to be a good idea. Three reviews requested and three very positive results. Excerpts are shown here, hopefully to whet...