About Jeffery Viles and His Unique Writing Style

Jeffery Viles is a former journalist and freelance writer who spent the last four decades as a serial entrepreneur. He founded, grew, and sold half a dozen different, successful businesses during those years. They covered a wide range: petroleum distribution, residential development and construction, a French bakery café, hotel ownership, and commercial real estate development.

Today, Viles is fulfilling his dream of becoming a fiction and humor story writer. His debut novel, The Sasquatch Murder (A Love Story), earned enthusiastic reviews for its unique writing style. It was also a national finalist in two separate best-novel contests. He lives and works in Columbia, Missouri, where his partner, Rebekah, acts as his first responder and tolerates his habit of reading work aloud to test his writing’s rhythm.

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About PecuLIAR Fabrications: Short Fictions and Fake-News

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An ordinary Joe finds himself assaulted by deer and wrestling a wrestler. A devoted brother turned hitman prowls the Oscars with a gun in his belt. A cuckolded former big-league pitcher flees to Paris and meets a heart-stopping beauty. This one-of-a-kind book expertly showcases Viles’ unique writing style.

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